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An essential & very creative force that is about immediacy, instinct, surety of touch & confidence.
But because humour is often mixed up with triviality, it’s underrated.

Form Object

‘The Wild World Of Weeds 27th International Grass-Growing Test’ is a unique, fast and punchy TV/DVD-Pilot-Teaser I created with the help of professional friends in order to attract investors.

It differs from the conventional sketch comedy genre we’ve seen on television from here and around the world in the past couple of decades partly due to the fact the skeleton of this work has an animated theme, which parodies long, drawn-out test cricket matches that are, arguably, as exciting as watching grass grow.

With the success of the ‘12th Man’ records, cassettes and CD’s, the next step has arrived in the form of the visual medium; a DVD mixing video & cartoon-animation, which satirizes modern TV culture and a very popular sport.

Whether you’re an Aussie, a Kiwi, A West Indian, an Indian, a Pakistani, a Jamaican, a South African or a Pom; whether you love, hate or are indifferent to test cricket, as long as you speak English you’re in the market for...

~The Wild World of Weeds 27th International Grass Growing Test~


Wild World of Weeds Concept: Vic Plume.
Animation: Richard Dennison.
Written by Vic Plume.
Animated section written by Vic Plume & Steve Holly.
Non-animated section shot with the invaluable help of the dynamic duo Neil & Tanina Osborne (www.c2cproduction.com), Gail 'The Angel' Mayes, 'Team Crooks', Brandon 'Boof' Linton, Greg Francis and with special thanks to fine friend & web wonder-woman Sue Fisken, and Mr Steve Howard (chironentertainment.com).

(tech tip: if the video is loading slowly, press "pause" and wait till its done!)


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